The Earth's Relief


In september 2014, the White House announced the release of the Digital Elevation Model, generated from the delivered data of the NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) on 2000, at his highest resolution (~30m).

The full disclosure of this data in september 2015, together with previous experiences we carried out in relief generation, encouraged us to tackle a rendering project with a global scope.

The interactive map you can find in this webpage allows you to download the relief images we have produced in two different graphic resolutions: 15m and 30m/pixel, all of them for free (CC By).
The files are in GeoTiff format, and they are indexed in the EPSG:3857 geographical system, and match a spatial range of 1º x 1º.

We hope that the available data will prove useful to you; just remember that using them implies an attribution reference to “The Earth’s Relief by ClusterGIS”

Our association (ClusterGIS Web Site) is a non profit organization and hence we don’t rely on a considerable budget, that is why we cheerfully welcome every single donation or sponsorship that could help us to keep our project growing and improving.

Geographical coverage

Latitude between 60°N and 56°S
Longitude between 180ºW and 180ºE

Download units

Tiles 1ºX 1º

Coordinate system

WGS84/Pseudo-Mercator-Spherical-Mercator EPSG:3857

Resolution of the relief images

- 30 x 30 m/pixel
- 15 x 15 m/pixel



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